Work out how many calories you are burning, just like a nutritionist!

Our energy output is a determined by two things.

  1. The calories burned from normal bodily function (Basal metabolic rate or BMR) such as breathing, organ function and digesting food.
  2. Additional natural movement such as moving limbs and walking throughout the course of the day and any additional exercise.

Working out your BMR

BMR is dependent on the individuals body weight and can be roughly calculated by multiplying your lean body mass in pounds by 14. (There are 2.2lbs per kilo).

You will need to measure your body fat levels with a trainer at your gym. Once you know your body fat, work out your lean mass. Your lean mass is made up of Muscle, bone, ligaments, tendons and water. We sometimes refer to this as your “active mass” as this is the mass that has calorie burning capabilities, unlike fat mass.

Eg. A person at 200lb with 20% body fat leaves 160lbs lean mass. 160lbs x 14 = 2240 calories. 14 always stays as a constant.This number is your BMR, or the amount of calories you burn per day in a sedentary state.

You can print this screen and record this number below.

My BMR is: ________ Calories per day

Then you need to add additional exercise to find out how many calories you approximately expend on a daily basis.

Count how many minutes of exercise you are doing on a daily basis and at what intensity. Eg. 60 minutes at 80% intensity. 60 x 0.8 = 48 active minutes at 100% intensity.

Regardless of what exercise, you can roughly gauge the intensity by how high your average heart rate is during the exercise is. Take 220, minus your age and that is your maximum, or 100% intensity. Eg. I am 32yo. My 100% intensity is 188 heart beats per minute. 80% of 188 would be 150.4 beats per minute.

To put it simply, when I do weights, I keep my rest periods to about one minute. My intensity is about 75%. When I do a spin cycle class, I average about 85%. If I am doing sprints or fast paced running, I can get up to about 90%.

Count your active minutes per day for a week.

Monday:       ________Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

Tuesday:      ________Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

Wednesday: ________Mins at_____% intensity = _______ active mins

Thursday:    ________ Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

Friday:         ________Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

Saturday:     ________Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

Sunday:       ________Mins at _____% intensity = _______ active mins

TOTAL                                                                     _______ active mins

Take your total number of active minutes and divide the number by 60. =_______

Then add this number to 14.  14 + _____ = _____  Eg. 14 + 3.7 = 17.7

Now take that number and multiple it by your total lean mass in pounds. Eg. 180lbs lean mass X 17.7 = 2832 calories burned on average per day. Some days may be higher and some days less, but this will be very close and will give you a good idea of how many calories to consume each day.

(New number)_____ x _____lbs lean mass

My Daily Energy Output is _____ calories

For dieters that want to lose fat weight, subtract 500 to 1000 calories off your daily expenditure and consume that amount of calories.

For some smaller people, you may find that this level of calories is too low. Even for the smallest dieter, it is important to never consume any less than 1200 calories for a woman and no less than 1800 calories for a male for any sustained period of time.

I know there are a lot of calculations! If you have any questions, just let me know!

If you can master the above, you will now be able to work out how many calories you are burning, just like a nutritionist!

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