Any Questions?

Thoughts and theories on health, nutrition and fitness are forever changing.

The main principals remain the same but with so much information out there, it is easy to see why some people get confused .

Anything you have ever wanted to know? Try me! I’d be happy to answer!

2 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. Hey, I have a few qus or things I’m curious about.
    For food what are the good options when it comes to things like cooking oils, butter/margarine, condiments.
    What are some good, quick, easy ‘snack’ foods.
    With exercise what are some good weights programs/exercises for women looking to tone up to help with weight loss.

    • Hi Kel!
      Your best cooking oils are vegetable, but stay away from palm/coconut oil and olive oil. Olive oil is great with salads but when you heat it up to a certain temperature, it changes its properties.

      I’ll add some more snack posts soon!

      Believe it or not, weight programs for men and woman are really not that different. The only difference is the weights and repetition ranges. Many will try and tell you that the programs are very different in an attempt to complicate things and make their programs seem more special. Regardless of sex, lifting heavy weights (within reason) is the quickest way of losing weight fast.

      I will try and post some program examples soon.
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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