Take control of your machine!

When you invest in the purchase of a car, which is often the second biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime, you make sure you take good care of it. After all, we have come to rely on our vehicles to help us to get from point A to B and make our lives a lot less complicated.

We service our beloved cars by replacing oils and filters every 10,000kms, regularly filling up with quality oils and fuels, getting repairs from qualified mechanics and tuning the engine to get maximum performance and fuel economy. So when was the last time you invested in the most valuable asset you own, your body?

When was the last time you analyzed your body’s performance and checked to make sure you are running your engine on the right fuels? How do you know that your body is running to the best of its ability?

Are you a V8 that has been running on four cylinders for so long that it has now become the norm? Have you forgotten what it actually feels like for your body to be finely tuned and running on all eight cylinders??

The great thing about cars, is that when a part breaks, it can easily be replaced. Ask anyone that has gone through a liver or heart transplant if that is the same when replacing a body part. Also try asking the same person, if given the chance to turn back time and have the choice of taking better care of their body to avoid having to have parts replaced, what would they live life differently?

The majority of us are fortunate enough to be born with a healthy and perfectly tuned body. As we get older, we tend to take that gift for granted and start subjecting our bodies to an array of daily abuse. Despite the constant abuse, we expect our bodies to keep running at optimal performance and do it with no problems. When our bodies lash out to remind us that it’s not coping with the abuse, it presents itself in the form of a variety of sicknesses. We often then get annoyed and ask “Why me?”

When you consider the onslaught of daily abuse our bodies are subjected to, I am more amazed at the number of problems we DON’T encounter as opposed to the number of problems we DO. Your body is an amazing filtering machine, but with the introduction of fatty foods, alcohol, recreational and prescription drugs, stress and increased levels of environmental pollution, our bodies are getting more and more clogged and confused every day.

Imagine your internal organs as the oil filter in your car. Typically oil filters need to be changed every 10-15,000km due to the high volume of oil and gunk passing through its fibers. Now imagine 50 years of fatty food, alcohol and pollution passing through the same filters in your body, with no change and very little attention given. Unfortunately the changing of body filters such as the liver and kidneys are far more complex to replace than that of our cars.

Years and years of abuse may create damage deep within the body that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Sometimes the body is kind enough to give us clues by way of symptoms or mild sickness. If detected early, illnesses can be addressed before more serious problems develop. The trick is to listen to your body and take action.

The great news is, you can reset your body and even reverse some of the effects of the years of abuse. The aim of my blog is to provide you with all the information and tools you will need to understand your body and take back control of your machine!

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